Allina Medical Imaging Senior Systems Analyst

Hired in February, 2010 I accepted a role to work for Allina in the Medical Technology Systems department. This was an exciting opportunity to work on the full scope of medical imaging from configuring and building the overall system architecture down to the granular level of Radiologist workstation configurations.

I am fortunate to work with talented individuals that have been in the Healthcare industry for 15+ years and I quickly adopted a role focused on the archiving and routing of DICOM medical images. I love this position as it exposes me to the latest technology from servers and switches, to workstations and services.


  • Work with large data sets - aquiring 1 million+ a year
  • Critical systems require high availability solutions
  • Programmatically perform data conversions for an all-encompassing view into patient health.
  • Access to records and images leveraging zero-footprint viewers for radiologists, cardiologists and patients.
  • Expert in medical standards: DICOM, HL7, FHIR, WADO, QIDO
  • Employee Recognition Award: 2015, 2016, 2018, 2022
  • Key Contributer Awards


Comprehensive knowledge of digital imaging, transfer syntaxes, and photometric interpretations.


Health Level Seven integrations with auto-prefetching ro relevant prior exams.

HIE PIX Queries

Health Information Exchange patient ID auto-tranforms from disparate organizations using PIX queries.

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Connected to over 50 outside organizations and growing.


Three terabytes of data throughput daily. 1.5 million exams acquired annually.

Restful Services

Taking DICOM to the next level leveraging MINT, QIDO, and WADO.


Calm solutions under high pressure circumstances.


I use SCRUM and agile project methods to organize and prioritize my personal and professional to-do lists.


I spend most days writing SQL queries and stored procedures. Often i use Powershell to script events.


Clear expectations and deadlines.


If you'd like to work together, contact me today!.


Contact Details

Email: [email protected]