Bro's Beers, Burgers, and Books

The Restaurants:

The Twin Cities have some amazing restaurants and craft breweries so my friends and I decided to combine forces to try as many as we can!

We also formed a mini book club and enjoy hearing each others perspectives and insights, so I decided to write them down as we chow down. Eventually we strive to have a comprehensive breakdown of the best beers and burgers the Twin Cities have to offer! Each venue we try the same burger and rate it up to five stars.

Colin, Dan, Mike
10th December, 2018
112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Burgers, Signature Style, 112 Eatery

We battle rush hour and face the parking nightmare that is downtown Minneapolis to bring you the exclusive review of 112 Eatery's signature burger.

Colin: colin

I didn't even know that 112 eatery had a burger. On previous visits I was always enticed and enthralled by something further up on the menu, so I was excited for the opportunity to try and rate their signature cheeseburger sandwich. Admittedly, I did get distracted and ordered a plethora of appetizers which was a good move as the burger is served à la carte. Once ordered the burgers were cooked and served quickly and I was intrigued that instead of a bun, 112 Eatery opted for an english muffin instead.

The patty was cooked perfectly medium with a light char and was oozing with cheese; I assumed this was going to go down as a Bro's favorite. Alas, the english muffin was the downfall for me: It was too dry. After each bite I had to chug my beer (Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale), which paired well but not enuogh for me to feel the burger was any less than a disappointment.

The service was impeccable, and I give kudos to the kitchen for trying something different, they just didnt quite nail it.



"I had heard a lot about this burger: how original it is and out of the norm from the basic burgers you find at most places. This is a special and unique burger you won't find at many places. 112 Eatery is not a place that comes to mind when thinking about a burger.

The 8oz patty is a luxurious blend lean, grass-fed beef which includes butter, eggs, sautéed onions, thyme and salt. And these guys break away from the classic American cheese and add two thick slices of Brie then served it in between an English muffin. Finish it off with bread and butter pickles or add them to the burger, whatever floats your boat. I wasn't crazy about this burger, but it was unique, so points added for creativity and trying something different."



The purpose of bros, beers, burgers and books is to first and foremost, promote our long-time friendship, but also to try a variety of different styles of burgers. The latter brought us to dine at 112 Eatery. A burger that's been recommended by plenty because of the quality and the fact it's

sandwiched between an english muffin rather than a traditional burger bun.

My thoughts as this burger was planted in from of me: "dat's one thicc a** patty." This single slice of meat fooled me into thinking I had ordered a double. Topped with only cheese and a side of pickles, The 112 Cheeseburger was simple which suggested that the chef is confident in his/her preparation. I was surprised at how much the english muffin changed the taste of the burger. Giving a dry contrast to the delectably juicy patty. The meat was tender and slightly charred on the outside offering an interesting flavor.

I coupled tonight's burger with a Fair State Roselle, a sour beer, because the "I'm drinking sours all year round" tour is still transpiring. My conclusion: it pairs good with everything. Two weeks later, I'm still confused at how the english muffin made me feel. Innovative? Creative? Slightly betrayed? Maybe I'm traditional, but give me buttery buns (noice!) and I'm happy. Serious props goes to one of our servers that vigorously described our cheese plate appetizer in great detail. It alone, was almost worth the price of admission.

Colin, Dan, Mike
22nd October, 2018
3448 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Burgers, Classic Original, Blue Door Pub

This months venue: "Blue Door Pub" in Longfellow, a neighboorhood bar in South Minneapolis known for their friendly atmosphere and lack of parking.


Seemingly the only person in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area who hasn't visited The Blue Door Pub, I was elated to try this spot for a October QuadB tasting. In my excitement, I scooped the menu and had my burger order before I arrived. The Islander Blucy caught my eye and spoke to my love for things spicy with a combination of sweet.

This burger is visually striking.

Two large patties and pulled pork topped with what seemed like 5 servings of cheese and a chunky pineapple mango salsa forced me to dab my chin with a napkin from excessive drooling. For added fun, they topped this big guy with pepper jack, muenster and cream cheese with a habanero garlic aioli.

Combining all of these ingredients was creative and delicious. I had a hard time putting down my burger to use the bathroom. The beef patties were cooked to perfection and the cheese was warm and gooey. The bun was fairly standard but didn't take anything away from the overall taste. The fries were fresh cut and lightly seasoned. They weren't the best fries I've ever had but better than most.

I paired my meal with a Bent Paddle Wilderness Tuxedo sour because I am hanging on to summer as long as I can. It was sweet and tart which worked well with the flavor of the burger.

I really enjoyed this joint. Imaginative burgers done very well. I will be back. Very soon. Probably too soon by most people's standards.

Colin: colin

I think I know burgers better than Blue Door: Longfellow. Bold statement, I know, but I say this because many Blue Door burgers are served without standard accoutrements like lettuce/tomato/onions which I feel should be on (or at least on-the-side) of any gourmet burger. I ate the Mount Blucuvios burger. It would have been good, but I made it way better.

The Mount Blucuvious is a spicy option, with ghost pepper cheese and spicy bacon, topped with a cilantro-lime sauce and fried avocado; I added fried onions, lettuce and tomato.

When it was served I was presented with a behemoth of a burger, towering and colorful.

These enhancements made my burger massively superior to its’ stunted height brethren. The additions worked well: the burger was spicy, but then tamed by the tomato and lettuce. The onions were enhanced by the cilantro–lime sauce. At its’ core this was already a good burger, but the additions made it memorable.

Colin, Dan, Mike
26th July, 2018
520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Burgers, Classic Original, Lyn 65

This month the BBBB boys head to a Twin Cities hot spot: Surly Brewing company. Does Surly apply the same pristine standards to their burger as their beer? Read on for the answer!


The guys went a different route on their monthly meet up in July. We ventured to a brewery to savor their burger wares. It was Surly Brewing Company’s turn to host the bros for a feast. There was only option: the Surly Burger. It came with lettuce, cheese, pickles and a mystery “burger sauce.” The burger came out next to a large pile of french fries and the plate passed the eye test.

Can you say surprise double patty? They can. And they did.

Add on an enormous helping of pickles and cheese and you’ve got a recipe for a solid BBBB rating. The bun had a crisped outside and soft interior that reinforced that you can’t ignore the buns (get it?). The meat was mostly run of the mill with mild flavor and may have been cooked with haste. The crunchy pickles helped immensely. I tasted very little of this aforementioned burger sauce which made me tear up like I was watching the end of The Notebook. The fries were a pleasant surprise with a seasoning that if I knew it was that good, I’d ask for them to put about 13 more shakes of it on these babies.

And to drink, I went with a One Time Session Sour which had serious flavor that I really enjoyed. A sweet summer drink that you can only drink one or two of before it feels like you ate a pound of the sugariest candy on the market.

Overall, a good burger and fries but there are better options out there.

Colin: colin

"I love Surly beers, especially when paired with a delicious burger. Ironically to achieve this killer combo, you'll need to venture to another venue as the in-house combo was underwhelming. The Surly burger is served standard (no changes allowed) and cooked medium-well. The presentation looked great! I eagerly took my first bite to discover a well-planned burger with crunchy pickles, lettuce, American cheese and a secretive "burger-sauce" (I think it’s ketchup and BBQ sauce combined), but the execution was stifled by the patty: large and filling but lacking in effort.

Maybe I expected too much? Maybe I’m the snobby entitled burger lover and I should just be happy? Am I the one that's wrong? NOPE. Looking at my neighbors receiving roasted trout, shrimp ceviche and beautiful charcuterie boards it’s clear the kitchen is capable in creating quality food, it’s just that the burger at Surly is treated like second class."

Colin, Dan, Mike
14th May, 2018
6439 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423
Burgers, Classic Original, Lyn 65

This month the BBBB crew go to one of their favorite dinner spots to show off their bone-marrow whiskey luge skills and to rate the ultimate burger.


The young men of BBBB converged on the infamous Lyn 65 in an inconspicuous Richfield strip mall. The Lyn 65 Cheeseburger is widely considered one of the best in the Twin Cities. This peaked my interest. The option of having 3 patties on it solidified my attendance.

When the server placed this beautiful burger in front of me, my first thought was

I'm physically attracted to this burger.

The bun had a crispy shell with a soft interior. The patties were melt-in-your-mouth tender with a Dijonaise that added a tangy flavor without overpowering the overall taste. Top it off with house made pickles and you've ensured that I will come back for round 2. I love this burger. No, wait... that's not enough... I am infatuated with this burger. Yeah, that feels right.

For a drink, I had a scotch based cocktail called the Rusty Rose which was sweet and strong. Laslty, end your dinner with a 'whiskey bone luge' because that's what cool kids do.

Colin: colin

"When we bros decided to start documenting our burger-ventures, I immediately thought about Lyn 65 with mouth-watering excitement. Their cheeseburger is exceptional. Order a single and you get a double, the double is actually a triple which results in a fully gaped reaction from first-time customers and regulars alike.

The kitchen at Lyn 65 knows what makes a killer burger: the highest quality ingredients, no gimmicks and cooked to perfection.

The bun is lightly toasted on the grill giving it that soft-to-crunchy texture which expertly compliments the tender patty that is topped with just enough homemade pickles. I inhaled mine with a house gin cocktail: “The Lone Survivor” but a beer would have paired perfectly also. High scores all around makes this a BBBB top contender."

Colin, Dan, Mike
10th April, 2018
3510 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Burgers, Classic Original, Pat's Tap

Hanging out on Nicollet Ave is what I hear the cool Minneapolis kids do. So it only makes sense the boys and I check out Pat's Tap for some greasy eats and cold beverages.


"Pats tab is a unique place. The servers are funky, the restaurant is filled with Skee balls and random beer from all across the country. The server talked me into getting a coffee stout that has been sitting in a scotch barrel for 16 months. It was the only keg of this beer in the entire state of Minnesota. Love the uniqueness there. The beer was extremely strong, but a nice sipper. It was great to have after a day of sitting at my desk. Also got the cheese curds... you can skip it.

The burger I went with was the Grass fed burger, I love grass fed meats, i could really taste it! I discovered it at Whole Foods a few years back. This burger was thick, it was deep, and it didn't come with cheese. I missed that on the menu, so points lost there. The thickness was a bit of the battle, it was really filling, but it was delicious. It could have been a little more juicy. I like Pat's Tap,

I feel cool and young when I'm here.

It's different and in this day and age, it is hard to find something that is truly unique. "


"Pat's Tap had the priviledge to host March's meeting of the bros. Walking in, the atmosphere was inviting. Skee-ball and a beer list that will make your head spin creates a recipe for pulling in customers. I was feeling frisky and started with a sour brew: Bell's Oarsman, and I patted myself on the back for such a great choice.

The friskiness continued when i ordered the Bison burger which was said to be topped with jalapenos, bleu cheese aioli and grilled onions. What came out was jalapeno-less. And i was too excited to notice until three bites in. Still, the aioli was a fantastic touch that tempted me to order another, but the lack of spice was semi-disappointing. The meat was tender and juicy. The bun scremed average. And the fries were a moderate 'thumbs-up.' We may need to return because there were details that teased a fantastic experience."

Colin: colin

"Pat's Tap serves a niche crowd that aim to indulge in quality food and an expansive selection of beers all while racking up points in skee-ball. It's a cool place and the vibe is pure. After having a tough day at the office, I quickly polished off a house Old Fashioned cocktail before switching to browse the beer list. Settling on Fultons Pale Ale: 'Sweet Child O'Vine' to pair with the California Burger, I was set and excited.

The burger was stacked high with all the fixins and the patty was thick and cooked well, but I quickly ran into trouble with the smoked mayo: it was intense! Trying to taste the nuances of the burger was impossible as the smoked mayo saturated everything. Even after scraping most off it was overpowering. For me this was a miss, but perhaps other smoke afficionados may feel otherwise. Regardless, I will be back, but next time ill leave the mayo on the side."

Colin, Dan, Mike
15th Mar, 2018
492 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116
Burgers, Classic Original, The Nook

Getting back to the roots of what makes a classic burger requires a trip to The Nook on Hamline Ave. Constantly busling, the small amount of seating ensures theres usually a wait so prepare to have a few beers as you glance around with salivating anticipation.


"The bros chose a St. Paul staple, 'The Nook', for another long awaited evening of gluttony. First, the dry rub wings provided a little spice which I coupled with Minnesota's own Surly Furious brew to calm my tastebuds. The 'Paul Molitor' burger: a hunk of meat stuffed with pepper jack cheese, is best served with grilled onions. The meat was charred slightly with vigorious flavor which was helped by the kick from the cheese, and dropped in between a very common bun. Surprisingly my favorite dish was the side of sweet potato fries. The seasonings and crispness caused me to almost run back and kiss the cook on the lips. Open mouthed. BBBB approved."

Colin: colin

The Nook is a down-to-earth neighborhood bar that focuses on big burgers for burly appetites. I ordered the Paul Molitor Jucy Lucy which opts for pepper-jack cheese instead of cheddar and talk about a home run! The exclusive black angus chuck patty was almost two patty's thick and lightly seared. One bite revealed the vast amount of cheese inside which due to my excitement, burned my mouth a bit. Fried onions complimented the flavor perfectly.

I bet the cooks at the Nook make hundred of burgers a day, and yet they somehow are able to make each one just right.

Mike: mike

"I grew up going to the nook. I bowled many games at RanHam alleys throughout my childhood . The nook is like an old soul that comes around when you need a little pick me up. It is a small place that produces good products. They have a great beer selection, the burgers are good, they aren't a home run for me all the way ( even though I got the Paul Molitor ). The meat was a little dry and the bun was a little too big. I did enjoy dunking my fries in a beer cheese. Nice little change there up, so points for creativity. The thing that gets me with The Nook, is the small atmosphere. It is a great place with catch up with some friends, grab a burger and a few beers. When we started this group, I immediately thought of the Nook. The Nook makes you think about The Nook. It's interesting, its a staple and all around great place."

Colin, Dan, Mike
25th Jan, 2018
730 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Burgers, Classic Original, Parlour

Two feet of freshly fallen snow in the Twin Cities has sparked a hunger rarely seen outside of Wisconsin. We came to sample the burger of legends at Parlour in the North Loop of Minneapolis.


"Mike's decision for this BBBB event was the dimly lit, basement venue: Parlour. Have you ever been walking down the street and notice a nice pair of buns? Well, start getting excited because this burger's bun coupled with

the flavorful meat patty will have you screaming 'HOT BUNZ!'

Two pattys, no BS, simple crisp yet juicy, this burger is worth the $14. It rivals Revival's.

The fries are of the standard variety but if it weren't for my bros, I would've grabbed handfuls at a time. The 'Cemetary Polka' was a light cocktail with a kick, which I thouroghly enjoyed."

Colin: colin

"Parlour feels like a secret. The lower level bar is decorated in a style reminiscient of a classic upscale speakeasy and is dripping in character. The same can be said for their classic burger. Oozing with enough cheese to blanket the patty, a slightly crisy bun, and garnished with onions and a side of pickles created an mouth-watering first impression.

I had already taken a few bites before i even realized it was a double patty, it was that tender. Not to be out-done were the bold classic cocktails (I tried the House Old Fashioned.. a few times) which combined with the ambience transformed me into a trash talking 1930's gangster, minus the fedora. This place is a must!.. if you can find it."

Mike: colin

"One of my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities is Parlour. I love the atmosphere and the burger is simple, it has the perfect crust and the right toasted bun. Wash it down with an old fashion, and my life is complete. Dip the hand cut french fries in a garlic aioli and I am officially died and gone to heaven. 5 stars all across the board for Parlour. I cannot wait til I go back to the NYC atmosphere that should be called a "Parlour Kingdom.""

Colin, Dan, Mike
10th Dec, 2017
525 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Burgers, Classic Original, Revival

This chilly week, the boys heat it up by sharing a booth at Revival's Saint Paul location. Well known for their fried chicken we test their Classic Original burger with baited breath. Served with mayo, American cheese, Bacon (optional), and the mystery B+B's (bread and butter pickles) we decide if Revival will rise up to their name to take best burger?


"Known for their fried chicken, Revival shows us that they can prepare a cow meat sandwich that RIVALS the bird. Juicy and flavorful, this burger made me forget i paid $15 for it. Get it with the bacon, pair it with Castle Danger's Cream Ale and thank me later."

Mike: mike

"Don't walk, run to the burger that exists at Revival. Everything about this chicken place delivers with this burger that hits all the marks fr burger lovers. The cheese, the pickles, the bun, say no more! Out of the par on all levels. The service is always something that made the burger even better, very attentive, beers were in check and the check delivery was perfect timing but non over-bearing. Revival changes the game with their burger and, well, everything we tried they had to offer. Go, Now!"

Colin: colin

"For me the highlight of this burger was the bacon, garnishing a high X-factor score. Instead of being crispy, this bacon was slow cooked and fell apart when bitten giving a pulled pork flavor. I was hungry and the size of the burger was small instilling feelings of regret that I hadn't doubled or tripled the pattys, but my wallet was pleased as the triple costs just shy of $20. The sides were also an unexpected hit, I highly recommend the glazed carrots. Over all this was an intimite burger in an intimite setting. I will be back... after payday."

Colin, Dan, Mike
6th Nov, 2017
3500 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Burgers, Classic Original, Matt's Bar

This month, myself and the boys head up the street in South Minneaoplis to check out the local greasy spoon "Matt's Bar" to try their famous Jucy Lucy.


"Although not visually striking, this simple yet tasty original does not disappoint. The toppings were scarce yet perfect, but being served from a sleeve was just 'eh'. Fries hurt the overall 'Je ne sais quoi' "


"This no frills Jucy Lucy doesn't aim high but it hits the mark. The scalding cheese and peasant presentation were minor let downs."


"Matt's is a classic joint. I had anticipated a larger burger and was let down. The first couple bites were a little dull but as the burger went on, so did the party. I believe this burger and onions continue cooking after it leaves the grill and enters the mouth. I am not running back to Matt's, but if someone asked to go meet them I would go."

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